Model S Owners Meet in Miami's South Beach

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Matt Pressman

With the popular Miami International Auto Show in town, Model S owner Randall Bodner invited other Tesla owners throughout South Florida to meet up on Lincoln Road in Miami.  It was a great opportunity to meet others, talk Tesla, and check out some very cool aftermarket modifications.

We all enjoyed a bite at Rosa Mexicana while supermodel Joanna Krupa, who also appears on "Real Housewives of Miami"  walked by our party.  She glanced over at our new piece of limited edition sculpture art that will be revealed later this week.  We were pleased to see her reaction along with other Model S owners as they got a sneak peek.  Later, with Model S cars parked in the same section, we were also able to reveal the PARZ rear seat cup holder concierge and other owners got a chance to see it in-person.  A great time was had by all and a big "thank you" to Randall for organizing such a fun day together.


1. Host, Randall Bodner, (in the center of image) with some other South Florida Model S friends.

2. Model S owner Nick Howe, famous for his Model S Guide that has become a must-read favorite among Tesla owners and forum members around the world, takes a look at this very cool ice blue Model S wrap done locally by Signature Customs FL.

3. A true family business, my wife, Shiri, and mother, Barbara, sporting their EVannex™ hats!

4. A sneak peek of the upcoming PARZ rear seat cup holder concierge revealed at the event.

5. Driving away, the ice cool blue Model S shines in the Miami sun and sends the ever-important message "Bye Gas" on its license plate.

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