The Ultimate Tesla Road Trip [Tesla Eye Candy 54]

Posted on March 14, 2016 by Matt Pressman

Usually we showcase a variety of Instagram photos from different users for our Tesla Eye Candy installments. Instead, for this one, we're going to feature a gallery of photos from Tesla road trip aficionado Steve Sasman who pioneered the amazing Million Dollar Tesla Trip* in which he spent about six months traveling approximately 27,000 miles across the US and Canada. Along the way, he even paid us a visit to pick up some much-needed goodies for his Model S. Steve is a trailblazing Tesla Model S owner who used this epic road trip in order to help spread the word about driving electric. So, we wanted to showcase some must-see highlights from his incredible Tesla road trip...

Above: Steve arrives at the vaunted Tesla Gigafactory; Instagram: @sasmania

Banff Canada. Wow what an inspiring drive! It's like the Canadian Autobahn, driving fast through insane beauty. #nocops #teslasuperchargers #TeslaMotors #Tesla #RoadTrip #MillionDollarTeslaTrip #aweinspiring #aweinspiringshots #nature

A photo posted by Steve Sasman (@sasmania) on

Belinda Post, ABC 36 News anchor in Lexington drives the Tesla as part of the #MillionDollarTeslaTrip #teslamotors #tesla

A photo posted by Steve Sasman (@sasmania) on

Here Kitty, Kitty. #MillionDollarTeslaTrip #RoadTrip #WhereAmI

A photo posted by Steve Sasman (@sasmania) on

Fun in Charlotte with local Renee driving the Tesla! Check out my friend Greg from AZ creeping over my shoulder haha #MillionDollarTeslaTrip #TeslaMotors #RoadTrip

A photo posted by Steve Sasman (@sasmania) on

A fellow Tesla owner hooked me up with a belly full of yummy breakfast in Cincinnati. Thanks to Mike and his great staff! #MillionDollarTeslaTrip #gratitude #RoadTrip

A photo posted by Steve Sasman (@sasmania) on


And, most recently, we got a chance to catch up with Steve as guests on his new online Tesla Talk Show* where we cover a wide range of topics including the latest Tesla Motors news, rumors, predictions, and insights relative to the automaker's electric vehicle line-up and TSLA stock. Of course he asks us about some must-have Tesla accessories, but, we also got a chance to turn the tables on Steve (towards the end) and ask him for some insider tips on how to travel long distances in a Tesla. Steve even told us stories about his experiences sleeping in his Model S! Feel free to check it out below. Note: it's a fairly lengthy discussion (and a bit choppy in parts), so if you'd like to check out a shorter clip from his other video series The Supercharged Show* -- you can watch edited highlights of our interview with Steve here as well.

What we showcased here in our Tesla Eye Candy series is a sampling of the great stuff we've come across on Instagram and Youtube. So, if you enjoy this series, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Youtube (and our other social media channels). Also, we regularly feature Tesla Eye Candy blog posts, so be sure to look out for our weekly series. And, if there are any images (or video) you think we should feature, just contact us. And if you want to check out more from Steve Sasman click on the links that follow below...


*Source: Million Dollar Tesla Road Trip / The Supercharged ShowTesla Talk Show

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