Tesla News Round-up: Model S redesign, Model X configurator, and a new easter egg

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Matt Pressman

With all the buzz surrounding the record-breaking Tesla Model 3, you might have overlooked some other major news surrounding Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA]. Indeed, some very big developments have taken place. First, there's been a Tesla Model S redesign coupled with some fantastic new features. Second, with Tesla's increased confidence in its production, the Tesla Model X design studio is now officially open to all. Third, Tesla has revealed a very cool new easter egg. Read below for a complete Tesla news round-up of recent events...

Source: Tesla Motors*


According to Electrek, Tesla has updated the Model S: "here are the new features...

  • The front fascia and headlights of Model S now have a design similar to that found on Model X.
  • The Tesla HEPA air filtration system which was previously only available on Model X is now available on Model S too. The filter is 100 times more effective than all other premium automotive filters removing at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.
  • The standard charger in Model S is upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps enabling faster charging when connected to higher amperage charging sources.
  • Two new interior décor choices: Figured Ash Wood Décor and Dark Ash Wood Décor.

Source: Tesla Motors*

The price increased by $1,500 across the board. The base Model S 70 now starts at $71,500. It looks like the redesign increased the range without having to introduce bigger battery packs. The Model S 90D, Tesla’s vehicle with the best range, is now advertised with a range of 294 miles – up from 288 miles. And, the Model S now features full LED adaptive headlamps... [which] also boost safety: 14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights improve visibility at night, especially on winding roads."


Next, according to Teslarati, "Tesla Motors opened its online Model X configurator to the general public today. What wasn’t expected, however, was the announcement that the battery for the base version of the Model X received a battery upgrade from 70 kWh to a 75 kWh pack capable of 237 miles of range on a single charge. Along with the 8% improvement in battery range comes a base price increase of $3,000... [and] Tesla now lists 5 passenger seating as standard. The 6 seat configuration is a $3,000 option while full 7 passenger seating costs $4,000 extra."

Source: Tesla Motors*

Tesla announced this big news via Twitter saying, "Ready to roll. Design Studio now open in US." This announcement was accompanied by a video showcasing the Model X production line...

Youtube: SpaceX and Tesla Fan

Also, it was reported that Tesla announced a proactive voluntary recall for 2,700 Model X owners. Tesla explained that: "during an internal seat strength test that was conducted prior to the start of Model X deliveries in Europe, the recliner [by a third-party supplier] in a third row Model X seat unexpectedly slipped... Similar testing was conducted before the start of deliveries in North America, with 15 confirmation tests having been conducted without a single recliner failure. Despite these prior successful tests and no reports of a third row seat slipping in any customer vehicles, we have decided to conduct a voluntary recall as a precautionary measure." Kudos to Tesla for taking this pre-emptive measure to ensure continued flawless safety ratings.


According to Jalopnik, "Tesla has already shown us some sweet Easter Eggs hidden in the software of the Model S. But now there’s a new one, and if you’re a Mario Kart fan, you’ll love it... Tesla now has an easter egg that lets your Model S display Rainbow Road on the autopilot display. Elon Musk says to activate the mode, you simply have to engage autopilot four times in quick succession.”

Source: Richard Middleton

Of course our personal favorite easter egg was the hidden Spy Who Loved Me James Bond Lotus submarine car. And, Nick Howe also uncovered a pretty cool easter egg in one of his first Model S "tips and tricks" videos. Known for some funny inside references, Tesla also created the Space Balls inspired ludicrous mode. But, a classic bit of cheeky Tesla humor is the This is Spinal Tap reference -- yes, the volume goes to 11. In any event, it's great to see Tesla evolving, changing, and improving at such a rapid rate. But, Tesla's most recent easter egg proves they're still having fun and "enjoying the ride" while they continue to speed up the electric vehicle revolution.


*Source: Tesla Motors

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