EV Pioneer, Chelsea Sexton, talks Tesla Model 3 and Electric Vehicles [News from the Frunk, Episode 66]

Posted on May 02, 2016 by Matt Pressman

This is a special edition of the "News From the Frunk" video series that Nick Howe recently recorded with Chelsea Sexton, a leading electric vehicle (EV) advocate and star of the movie Who killed the Electric Car and Consulting Producer on the follow-up, Revenge of the Electric Car.

Source: Who Killed the Electric Car; MNNRevenge of the Electric Car

These videos were filmed for an EV conference, The Better NZ Trust, in New Zealand. Please note: the first video isn't completely focused on Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] but she does discuss Tesla's upcoming entry into the New Zealand market, state of the electric vehicle industry today, and, it's promising future. However, in the second video, Sexton gives deeper insight into Tesla, the Model 3, and wanna-be competitor Faraday Future. Check out both videos below...

Video 1: Broader Electric Vehicle Conversation

Video 2: Tesla Conversation

It's fantastic to hear Sexton's enthusiasm as it relates to Tesla Motors and electric vehicles in general. Kudos to Nick Howe for getting this interview with such an electric vehicle pioneer. 

If you're thinking of buying a Tesla Model S, or already have one and want to know a little more about the car, Nick's book “Owning Model S” is available here and a free chapter is also available, simply contact us

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