Rear Lighted Emblem for Tesla Owners

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Matt Pressman

The Lighted Emblem can give your Tesla Model S a truly distinctive look by providing a variety of selectable rear lighting effects. It's a real attention-getter. The Lighted Emblem replaces the factory emblem part at the rear of your Tesla Model S which is connected to power and turn signal circuits in the trunk and lift gate hatch. Each letter in the emblem is illuminated and special effects can be customized and managed from a smartphone Bluetooth app. The color, brightness, flash frequency, and sequence of each letter can be independently controlled according to each owner’s preferences. 


* Letters turn on and light red when your Tesla's rear tail lights are on.

* Letters light bright red when brakes are applied.

* Right-to-left and left-to-right sequencing of letters in sync with turn signals.

* Letters turn white when reverse is engaged.

* Letters flash in red in sync with all car lights controlled by the emergency flasher.

See the video below for examples of what the Lighted Emblem features are...

To find out more features and special effects click the button below...

Lighted Emblem

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