"Driving the Future" Exhibited at Palm Beach's Elliott Museum

Posted on January 21, 2014 by Matt Pressman

The Elliott Museum is a celebrated destination in Palm Beach County located in Stuart, Florida. The star of the show this past weekend was the 2013 Tesla Model S. Test drives of the Model S were booked solid throughout the weekend and offered to the many attendees who were considering the purchase quite seriously. 

We were thrilled to see the limited edition Driving the Future sculpture exhibited as part of this special, curated show, "The Art of the Electric Automobile: New and Old" at the Elliott Museum (January 18-19, 2014).  

Also being exhibited were some stand-out electric vehicles through history.  On display was the remarkable 1914 Detroit Electric and it was noted that this vehicle was owned by Henry Ford's wife. The Elliott Museum also features a comprehensive antique automobile collection presented via a robotic, three-story stacking system allowing visitors to select vehicles for closer viewing and then watch as it moves from its storage slot onto a custom turntable.  So, we were able to select and view the 1973 electric "CitiCar" powered by eight six-volt, lead-acid batteries which gave it 50 miles of range. 

The show also included a lecture by Elliott Museum Education Coordinator Al Simbritz on “The fascinating history of the electric powered automobile in the United States" -- it was interesting to hear that in the early 1900's the most popular automobiles were powered by steam, then electric, and in "last place" were gas-powered cars. 

The Elliott Museum is located only 20 miles from the Port Saint Lucie, FL Tesla Superchargers.  After mixing it up with a large group of Model S owners in the parking lot, a group of us supercharged at the Port Saint Lucie Superchargers and had a bite to eat at TGI Fridays that offers discounts to any Model S owners who show their key fob, nice!  Special thanks to Florida Tesla Enthusiasts President, Larry Chanin, for such a wonderful event.

Photos below: 1. The Elliott Museum; 2. The lobby as it was filling up as we arrived; 3. The "Driving the Future" sculpture displayed behind a 2013 Model S; 4. 1914 Detroit Electric; 5. 1973 electric CitiCar; 6. Model S cars lining the parking lot (Roger Pressman is the one checking out those wheels up close!); 7. That's me, Matt Pressman - my first time at the Port Saint Lucie Superchargers.

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