A labor of love

Posted on April 08, 2014 by Matt Pressman

 We're proud to feature this special guest post written by Owning Model S author Nick Howe.

In late 2012, more than two years after placing my order, I got the message from Tesla that my Model S would shortly be leaving the factory and heading over to Florida for delivery.


I'd been glued to the online forums for over a year, searching out every tidbit of information about Model S. It is in my nature to learn as much as I can about things that I own. I'm an engineer by training and by inclination, and no one has ever needed to tell me to RTFM.

So combined with my excitement was no small measure of trepidation. Model S was a brand new car from a relatively young company. And it was Aluminum. It it was powered by electricity. And used a 17" touch screen display instead of buttons. The forums were full of stories of teething troubles. Nothing too major, and Tesla was fixing everything as soon as it was discovered, but there were problems nonetheless.

So I consolidated the information I'd found in the forums and put together a delivery checklist. I'm not a planner by nature, but when you are taking delivery of a car that costs twice as much as anything you've ever owned before you ought to make sure everything is OK before you sign the paperwork.

The delivery...


... was a great success, but I kept reading the forums every day and as new problems, fixes or interesting items cropped up I kept adding them to the checklist. Knowing that others were possibly feeling the same trepidation that I was I published the checklist on the TM forum almost as soon as I had version 1. Over the next year the list grew and grew, and more and more owners and prospective owners used it. I enjoyed the idea that my checklist was, in some small way, helping achieve Elon's vision to move away from a "mine-and-burn" approach to fueling transportation.

In October 2013, my friend (and author, and Model S Signature owner) Roger Pressman suggested that I turn my checklist into a book. What the heck. I'd got it this far, why not go the whole way? Over the next few months on evenings and weekends I gradually reworked the content. The checklist grew from 20 pages to nearly 200 pages with graphs, photos, guides, advice, how-tos and stories. I reached out to many, many Model S owners for help and advice, and for that I am profoundly thankful.

So here we are.


Owning Model S: the definitive guide to buying and owning the Tesla Model S will be published in early May. The book was labor of love, and it isn't a money-making venture - we've priced it to cover our costs. It is our way of sharing our excitement about Tesla and the Model S with an ever growing community of enthusiasts.  Whether you are considering your first Tesla car, interested in how Model S came to be, which options to choose, or how best to look after the car, Owning Model S has something for you.

I hope you enjoy it.  Welcome to the future of motoring.

- Nick J. Howe




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