Mt. Evans Road Rally - Year Two!

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Matt Pressman

Congrats to all the Tesla Model S owners who participated in the second annual Mt. Evans Road Rally this year.  We were part of the road rally last year, and, we were proud to be involved this year once again.  And, we donated our "Driving the Future" limited edition sculpture to one lucky Model S winner, Reid Smith, this year.  


I asked event organizer, Dennis Driscoll, to tell us more about it.  Dennis gave some background, "The event started at Idaho Springs, CO, at elevation 7,000 feet.  We drove the first 14 miles to Echo Lake at 10,000 feet, took a 20 minute stop to check out the lodge and lake.  Then we drove the next 14.5 miles to the summit of Mt. Evans where the parking lot tops out at 14,256 feet.  On my car I started the event from Idaho Springs with 242 miles range.  At the summit (28.5 miles later) I had 173 range.  Then upon return to Idaho Springs I had 193 miles of range.  We had a light wind out of the SW, but nothing to drastically effect the mileage.  I used the standard regenerative braking on the descent, but still had to use the accelerator most of the trip down; however, I never touched the brakes when needing to slow for a switchback or sharp curve in the road.  My rated range upon return, using the 30 mile scale-view showed 999 miles.  That was fun to see.

We had every color Model S except green.  We had a green car RSVP, but they did not make the event. We also had a number of people in the wild at the summit asking all about Tesla, which allowed for great Tesla Time for many of the owners.  The Park Service was extra excited to see EVs as they loved the idea of the rally.  There was one section of road that was horribly damaged from the winter freeze-thaw effect, but as best I know everyone had air suspension and were able to raise it to Very High to navigate the heave in the road and deep pot holes." The Mt. Evans Road Rally included 27 Model S vehicles and one Roadster (leading the pack) this year (see photo below at Echo Lake).



And, the after rally lunch at Beau Jo's Pizza had over 50 people!  Check out the map below (elevation was about 10,000 feet) to get an idea of how the road rally works. And, for some incredible images of the rally, check out this link.  Last, check out this video (on bottom) showcasing all the Tesla cars participating in the event, it really says it all... congrats again to event organizer Dennis Driscoll and all participants this year! We look forward to more events in the future, including our upcoming sponsorship of TMC Connect - we hope to see you there!


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