Tesla Owner Events Recap

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Matt Pressman

The past two weekends, we, at EVannex™, were very fortunate to attend two amazing events...

Bethesda MD 'Drive Electric' Event

Just today, we were invited (and attended) an event in Bethesda MD as part of 'Drive Electric' week. Mike Wilson, owner of the amazing Bethesda Systems, hosted over 50 Tesla owners at his location. Wine and sushi was served and Model S owners (and a handful of Volt, Leaf, i3, B-Class, and other owners) showed up to celebrate and mingle. I had the opportunity to meet many of our long-time customers and it was fantastic to talk with so many who've enjoyed our products and take suggestions for new products we may create soon.


From top to bottom: a view of the cars at the event, the new MS grey color vs. the old grey color, ICE vs. EV showdown, TMC's "Artsci" interior (love the CCI mods), a new Mercedes B-Class EV (with Tesla's help), Drinks being served and our table during event set-up.

Florida Tesla Enthusiasts Club Med Port St. Lucie Event

Then, last weekend as part of the Florida Tesla Enthusiast (FTE) Club, we headed up to Port St. Lucie (a key supercharger location in South Florida) and attended a club get-together with a great turn-out of Florida Tesla owners at Club Med. A special thank you to FTE President Larry Chanin for his efforts putting this (and so many events) together all over Florida.


From top to bottom: Florida Tesla Enthusiasts show off their Model S colors at Club Med, my daughter Maya enjoying the amazing pool, and my beautiful wife Shiri getting some sunshine.



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