Inside Look at a Tesla Model S "Teardown"

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Adrianne Cameron

This week, we were intrigued to get this in-depth inside look at a Tesla Model S "teardown" to check out some revealing insights regarding how this groundbreaking vehicle all comes together. In the video below, Dylan McGrath from Electronics360 interviews Andrew Rassweiler at IHS, who performed a complete "teardown" of the Tesla Model S. See how they were able to take a salvage vehicle (see: 9 min 13 sec.) and examine the Model S center stack display (first 7 min) and even get a sneak-peek at the inside of the battery pack (see: 7 min 22 sec). The teardown reveals some sophisticated control technology, power management, and packaging...


Source: IHS Technology

The Tesla Model S Ecosystem

As the video above demonstrates there is a diverse ecosystem surrounding the Model S. This "teardown" provides insight into who some of the electronics companies are - especially relative to the interior electronics modules - see table below for the top 10 most costly components according to IHS.


Source: IHS Technology

Looking into this further, there have been other past attempts to better understand the Model S ecosystem. Of note, check out the infographic below to see some of the suppliers that make up the exterior and interior of the Tesla Model S.  


Source [click link at right to enlarge infographic]: Electric Cars Report

And, further pulling the "lens" back a bit, it's intriguing to examine some of the past (and present) strategic alliances that Tesla has forged to see how they've been able to accelerate their growth, see below.


Source [click link at right to enlarge infographic]: Kogod Now

This ecosystem is growing.  And, as a small run family business, it's exciting - in our own small way - to present other Tesla Model S owners access to aftermarket accessories to customize and enhance their Model S. We hope the nascent Tesla aftermarket ecosystem grows so that we can offer you additional  future products that can complement your Model S.



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