News from the Frunk - Episode 6

Posted on October 20, 2014 by Matt Pressman

Author Nick Howe of book 'Owning Model S' has just published Episode 6 of "News from the Frunk" - check it out below...


News from the Frunk is a short round up of key Tesla news over the previous few days. Over the coming weeks and months Owning Model S author Nick Howe plans to upload a new video every few days. 

Here’s what Nick covers today:

1. Anguish and delight over the D
2. Tesla Taxis at Schipol:
3. Nevada approves $70m access road funding:
4. Auto Bild EV winter test
5. Bjorn Nyland Norway Model S videos:
6. 2016 European Supercharger map:
7. Supercharger News:
8. Tesla Stock Price:

Nick's Wiki site:
Nick's book: Owning Model S
Nick's popular video: Tips and Tricks for Model S Owners

If you are thinking of buying a Tesla Model S, or already have one and want to know a little more about the car, Nick's book “Owning Model S” is available for $24.95 plus tax and shipping. You can also get a free chapter of the book at this link:

See you on the next episode of “News from the Frunk”.

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