Ron Baron: TSLA will increase 10x

Posted on November 10, 2014 by Matt Pressman

Famed mutual fund manager Ron Baron of Baron Capital is known for his relatively conservative, long-term approach to stock picking. He's a Warren Buffett of sorts, and he recently proclaimed, "All of us will likely be Tesla customers in 25 years." This lead CNBC to ask him why TSLA is such a valuable investment, check out the interview*, video below...

 Ron Baron on TSLA stock increase

For a more in-depth view on Ron Baron's Tesla outlook, be sure to check out his most recent quarterly letter to shareholders of his funds, in which the fund manager discussed why he has made a big bet on TSLA. "We are a fan of Tesla's business and of Elon Musk," Baron wrote to fund shareholders in his recent investment update. Baron thinks "all of us will likely be Tesla customers in 25 years" because its competitors are already being compelled to build and sell electric cars. "They do not want to build such cars," Baron wrote. "As a result, they are developing electric expertise so slowly that the lead Tesla has built up through its fast growing staff ... may soon become insurmountable."

*Source: CNBC

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