Model S Surge Protection and Energy Metering

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Matt Pressman

To provide maximum protection for your Model S, your charging system should be equipped with heavy-duty surge protection against lightning, brown-outs, and transient power fluctuations. Your best strategy is to stop possible damage before it starts and protect your Model S lithium ion batteries, external charging cables, on-board cabling and computer systems. Click the video below to learn more...


Sensitive electronics in both the Model S and charge cable can be seriously damaged by voltage surges. Will the auto manufacturer cover the damage under warranty? Possibly not. Will insurance pick up the costly tab for repair? Not necessarily. Li-Ion Guard offers you plug and play, in-garage 240 VAC industrial strength surge protection. In addition, you can order Li-Ion Guard surge protection with optional energy metering for real-time monitoring of kWh consumed, exact cost of energy consumption and equivalent carbon footprint. 

Check it Li-Ion Guard, a new product launched today.

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