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Posted on November 26, 2014 by Matt Pressman

Guest Post: Christopher Alan, Publisher of Electric Car Insider


The automotive section of retail newsstands is often the largest. But until recently there was no representation of EVs [electric vehicles] in the automotive rows, and mainstream auto magazines don't devote many articles to electrics.

Electric Car Insider magazine intends to change that by increasing visibility of EVs at eye level retail. Electric Car Insider has created a Kickstarter campaign to put the magazine on 1,000 more newsstands and broaden the reach of the EV market beyond online blogs and forums.

If you are a supporter of the EV movement, and you believe having a dedicated print magazine for the EV auto segment is important, you can vote with your wallet. A Kickstarter pledge will help put the magazine in front of tens of thousands of prospective EV drivers and get you an advance copy of the 2015 EV Buyers Guide and a discounted subscription the magazine.

Electric Car Insider magazine includes one or more feature length article about Tesla in every issue. The first 2014 issue had Model S on the cover and the Model X will grace the cover in 2015.

If you're not already a Tesla driver, there's an opportunity to drive the publisher's Model S 85 for a day, a weekend or a week as a pledge reward.

Pledge and get a subscription at:

Kickstarter Pledge

[At EVannex, we're proud to be a supporter of this Kickstarter campaign and hope to help move electric vehicles further into the mainstream. We hope you consider this initiative and encourage you to visit Kickstarter (see red button above) to learn more and contribute.]

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