Does your spouse steal your Tesla Model S?

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Roger Pressman

More often than not, Tesla Model S owners have a major problem with theft. Your "significant other" enjoys driving your Tesla so much that it always tends to disappear. You're left with their gas-guzzler in the garage waiting for you -- yes, this is a buzzkill. Well, one owner has solved this problem in a unique way. Check out what Las Vegas' leading hypnotist/comedian has done to solve this problem.


Tesla owner, Marc Savard, in the midst of his busy Las Vegas schedule, has taken action -- we like his approach, check out his video below to learn more.


It turns out that many of our customers own two Teslas in the same household. This must be a fairly common occurrence. You buy one Tesla, and, suddenly you realize that your Model S simply outperforms your other vehicle. In our household, we've already put down another deposit and have a new Tesla reservation, and, now we're waiting on the Model X to create our own "All Teslas" garage. We can't wait to get an update on the Model X, and, when we do - we'll let you know.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed Marc's video, also be sure to check out his original video where he reviews his (stolen) Model S in detail below...




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