Will Elon Musk be on the new dollar bill?

Posted on January 22, 2015 by Matt Pressman

With Elon Musk transforming the solar industry as Chairman of Solar City (SCTY), the automotive world as CEO of Tesla Motors (TSLA), and space exploration as CEO of privately held SpaceX -- all at once -- it's likely that someday he'll be remembered with his face, front-and-center, on US currency. You think? Well... one artist does, graphic designer Eli Y. Park recently featured some cool artwork showcasing Elon Musk on some future dollar bills as part of the "New Money Series" designed to be painted over by artist David Foox.


Source: Eli Y. Park

I must say -- Elon Musk certainly looks like he belongs on printed currency. In addition, it is worth noting that Musk did completely transform digital currency earlier in his life as co-founder of Paypal before it was acquired by eBay for $1.5B in 2002.

In any event, is Elon Musk worthy of such an honor? Hmmm... let's use this past week as a litmus test for his accomplishments. Musk's SpaceX received a cool $1B investment from Google and Fidelity in order to help provide worldwide internet to all. And, he's contributing to safeguard humanity from Artificial Intelligence going rogue with his $10M donation to the Future of Life Institute. Oh, and (almost forgot) Musk's Tesla Motors was praised in the State of the Union address too. Not bad for a single week of rather impressive milestones.

It's remarkable that Musk, only 43 years old, is making such a global impact like this, across major industries and issues... in some ways, he kinda makes Steve Jobs look like an underachiever. If I had a crystal ball, I'd guess that these artistic renderings of Elon Musk may not be far off from the much-deserved recognition that may (someday) come to fruition.

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