Tesla P85D, a Drag Racing Speed Demon

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Matt Pressman

The rumors of Tesla's new P85D blowing away the best supercars off-the-line began surfacing when a few amateur drag races started a few weeks back. We were so intrigued, we actually visited Palm Beach International Raceway this past weekend to see if this could be for real. It is. And, it's really fun to see the most advanced, futuristic high-tech electric car do battle in such an age-old format.


Videos have been popping up left and right and one thing is for sure... the Tesla P85D can really impress in a drag race. So, we've compiled a few videos here for your viewing pleasure. Some of the best German and Italian speed machines are pitted against Silicon Valley's finest. Check out the results.

BMW M4 vs. Tesla P85D


Mercedes-Benz E63s AMG vs. Tesla P85D


Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale vs. Tesla P85D


Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Tesla P85D


And... more!

If you want more, and we know you do... we've already posted a blistering P85D run (setting a world record) against the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. And before that, we posted a few more drag races against the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 575 Maranello. The media continues to gush over the P85D's speed. Just this week, the UK's Car Magazine stated, "Tesla Model S P85D: the electric car that feels faster than a Veyron." For those who might not be aware, a Bugatti Veyron goes for $2.2M.

In the end, I'm sure we'll actually see more speed and power from Tesla as the Model S software upgrades continually improve and optimize it's performance. That said, I gotta really wonder what that "upgraded" Tesla Roadster 3.0 will do in a drag race?

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