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Posted on February 05, 2015 by Adrianne Cameron

At Evannex, we want to see electric vehicles (EVs) become a dominant force in the automotive marketplace. But like anything that’s new (well, actually EVs are far from new, but that’s another story), there’s way too much negative and positive hype about EVs. There’s lots of information on the Web that can help you sort through the hype, but it hasn’t been organized in bite-size chunks that might help the average ICE vehicle owner better understand EVs. That’s why we created Evannex University—EVU


EVU is a free, open ‘university’ that presents concise, video-based mini-courses for those who want to learn more about electric vehicles (EVs) in general and/or about the Tesla Model S in particular. EVU currently has two curriculum tracks: 

The EV Curriculum Track. Presents mini-courses that allow the average ICE vehicle owner to better understand EVs, demystifying the technology that underlies the vehicles, indicating the various options open to those who are considering EVs, and describing the core elements that are part of every EV.

The Model S Curriculum Track. Presents mini-courses that cover important aspects of the Tesla Model S, designed for those who are considering the purchase of the vehicle and for those who already own the car. Mini-courses will explain the technology that underlies Model S, indicating the various options open to those who are considering purchase or lease, and presenting tips and tricks that may be of interest to existing Model S owners.

This week, we launched EVU with eight mini-courses in the EV curriculum track. If you have interest or want to see the entire curriculum plan, please click the button below:


We understand that many of our blog readers may already know most or all of the information presented in our first course offerings. But over the past two years, we’ve connected with thousands of EV owners and those considering an EV, and there truly are many folks who do need this information to make informed decisions about EVs.

Finally, many of those that read this blog might have significant technical expertise. If you’d like to share your knowledge with the broader EV community by developing an EVU mini-course, please contact us.

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