Analysis: is Dodge Hellcat owner right about Tesla P85D?

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Matt Pressman

A Dodge Hellcat owner got pretty riled up* over a video where a Hellcat loses a drag race to a Tesla P85D. In response, he published a video for other Hellcat owners on proper racing technique... we edited that video (shortened it / removed any profanity) to take a look at his overall POV as it relates to the Tesla P85D.


And, in order to see what got him so irate, we then show the original drag race that was the genesis of all this rage. Is a possible rivalry in the works here? It seems so, but, we openly acknowledge a faulty Hellcat start in that particular race and that (in the end) it's good to see two American car companies with such incredibly high-performance vehicles duking it out. Nevertheless, it's clear that the Tesla P85D is an all-electric lightening-fast "beast" not to be trifled with...


In response to the original video the Hellcat owner posted, Owning Model S author Nick Howe published a video response stating his own Tesla-related outlook on the matter, and for what it's worth, we definitely concur with his POV...


*For the original Hellcat owner video (in it's entirety), see the Yahoo News story.

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