News from the Frunk - Episode 23

Posted on February 11, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Check out the latest episode 23 of "News from the Frunk" from Owning Model S author Nick Howe.


Here’s what Nick covers:

1. China extends EV subsidies::
2. Tesla partners on used car trade ins in China:
3. Model S becomes an Infra Red camera and massive projector platform and 
4. 3400 Wh/m
5. My car’s range has increased - 267 Rated Miles
6. Tesla Drivers Group hat
7. Date for Q4 earnings announced (Feb 11th)

Nick's Links:
Nick's book: "Owning Model S"

If you are thinking of buying a Tesla Model S, or already have one and want to know a little more about the car, Nick's book “Owning Model S” is available here and a free chapter is also available, simply contact us.

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