Is Tesla and a fast-charging network springing up in... Russia?

Posted on February 25, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Today video surfaced showcasing the Tesla Model S as the centerpiece (and example) of a new initiative within Russia to set up a nationwide network of electric vehicle fast-charging stations. According to RuptlyTV*, Revolta Motors is the official (although we're not sure in what context "official" is being used) distributor of Tesla cars in Russia. We were able to piece together some photos of Revolta Motors touting the Model S in gallery-like showrooms -- in fact, they even showcase a pretty cool Russian red custom upholstery in one of their Model S interiors...

 Tesla model s in russia revolts motors
tesla model s in russia revolta motors
tesla model s interior russia revolta motors

Photo Source: Revolta Motors/Facebook

We're aware that Tesla is quite popular in Russia with it's own forums, magazine covers, and millionaire moguls doing whatever it takes to get their hands on the Model S. And now, Revolta Motors, along with The Yota Company, famous for its mobile phones, will install 100 charging stations for electric cars in Moscow and Saint Petersburg this year, the companies announced in Moscow today. 

Altogether 20 stations will be in operation in shopping malls, residential complexes and business centers by the end of the February. Another 80 stations will be opened by the end of 2015 and all will be free for their first year of use, the CEO of Revolta Motors Maksim Osorin announced. The Yota Company and Revolta Motors estimate there are currently about 500 electric vehicles (including PHEVs) in Russia. See video and (a somewhat rough) translation below. 



Anatoly Smorgonskiy, CEO of Yota (in Russian): "It is clear that these cars are premium class, they are trendsetters, just like super toys now. A large number of such cars can already be used after the advent of the charging stations chain."

Maksim Osorin, CEO of Revolta Motors (in Russian): "Our main competitive advantage is the software that we use. This is our operating system and we are not dependent on the providers of charging stations, so we can switch it to any another player anytime, or we can try to establish an assembly of this equipment in Russia."

*Source: RuptlyTV

We're excited to see how this all unfolds as a precursor to Tesla Motors (maybe someday?) actually entering -- officially -- into the Russian market. If all this fuss is any indication, it seems that great interest exists in the Model S over there already.

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