Can you make your Tesla Sound System even better?

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Long before the Tesla P85D lightening-fast "insane" mode was created, Tesla had another tongue-in-cheek reference on their Model S display. No, we're not referring to the (very cool) hidden James Bond easter egg setting.

This cheeky reference actually has to do with the sound system. It turns out that the volume on a Model S doesn't simply got to "10" -- it actually goes all the way to "11" -- this is an ode (see below) to the cult movie classic This is Spinal Tap.

 tesla model s sound system going to 11 not 10

Well... how can anyone improve on a sound system that goes to 11? It turns out that the owner of a car audio company recently purchased himself a Tesla Model S and wanted to create the best possible sound system in his own car.  So, he came up with a custom package, specifically designed for the Tesla Model S, in order to complement and enhance the sound even more.

"[As] founder of NVX, it was absolutely imperative that my vehicle have additional bass to further the premium sound.  With this premise I challenged our engineers and technicians to devise a subwoofer upgrade for my Model S that did not sacrifice space. At this point, we feel that we have created the best solution to satisfy any Model S owner's desire for a more premium sound." explains Nathaniel Victor.

 tesla model s sound system nvx founder and president nathaniel victor in his model s

Above: NVX Founder and President, Nathaniel Victor, in his own Model S

We received, here at EVannex, an early model of this NVX sound package and tested it in our own Tesla Model S. We were definitely impressed. The Tesla sound system can really benefit from richer, deeper bass. It helps to round out the overall music-listening experience. If you love music, this is a great addition to the Model S sound system, whether you ordered Tesla's factory "Standard" or "Premium" sound -- it adds a whole new level of pleasure when listening to good music in your car. 

Just today, we uploaded a new video showcasing how the NVX B.O.O.S.T Series Bass Package installed into a dual motor "D" all-wheel-drive Model S too. The install is slightly different due to the frunk design changes in the "D" -- therefore, the amp installation location needed to change. Details follow in the installation video below.

So, we can't change the volume to read "12" in your Model S, but, if you're interested in an aftermarket sound "upgrade" for your Tesla, this is definitely worth checking out... 

NVX Sound Upgrade



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