A Pink Tesla Model S "Breastcar" for a good cause

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Guest blog post: Ian Taras, MD (owner of the Tesla Model S "Breastcar")

On 4/11/14 (about one year ago) my dad, Dr. Edward Taras, passed away at home surrounded by his devoted family. As an Ob/Gyn, he was the patriarch of both his personal and office families! Always on the cutting edge of medicine, using those skills when my Mom, on 9/12/90, at the age of 47, was diagnosed with breast cancer, my father became her unrelenting advocate! Once the immediacy of my Mom's diagnosis and treatment was over, he turned to his children and to his patients and sought to protect them as well. That's when we found out that of the 3 siblings, one of my sisters (Lorelle) and myself carried the breast cancer (BRCA) gene. With that test result, my sister was sentenced  to a possible 87% chance of getting breast cancer and so had the "Angelina Jolie" surgery long before Angelina had it! My Mom, alive and well, was the first survivor of a long familial line of breast and ovarian cancers. A testament to my Dad who protected his family and patients under his wings!


In honor of my Dad's dedication, as well as my Mom's perseverance, in 2000 we started a small team with Revlon Run/Walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. We've grown rapidly over the years and have raised, with your help, over half a million dollars!!! Last year we joined up with Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF) and were the #1 team fundraiser with over $50,000 raised!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story ... unfortunately it is the story of millions of women (and some men) around the world. I am asking for your help in realizing my father's dream...

Enter BreastCar.com! A domain that we bought so that it is easy to remember and forward. A domain that takes you to our DSLRF page so you can "GIVE NOW" on the RIGHT turquoise box! 100% of your donations or registration fees go directly to research. DSLRF is a CharityNavigator 4-star (out of 4) charity.

Wait, BreastCar?  What's a BreastCar?

BreastCar is a TESLA Model S that has been wrapped (painted-esque) in PINK! Donate ANY amount at BreastCar.com and take a sharpie and sign the car! You don't have to sign the car so go ahead and donate anyway. 

Wait, where can I sign BreastCar?

On most days you'll find BreastCar parked at our office in Woodland Hills. Please stop by and we'll provide the sharpie. We also have events planned where you can attend and sign there. In fact, if you can think of an event where you could invite BreastCar to attend in the next 2 months, we'd love it! We'll put it up on our events FaceBook page where you can find our current other events that we thus far have planned.


Wait, you have social media outlets?

Yes we do!  Please LIKE/FOLLOW us to keep updated and even publish your BreastCar pix & comments there! Tag us in your posts with #BreastCar


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