Matchbox and Hot Wheels reveal upcoming Tesla Model S

Posted on May 21, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Right before Tesla Motors announced they're first quarter financial results, they launched a new Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program that offers those interested in purchasing a Tesla Model S some compelling discounted pricing. If you're interested in a detailed breakdown, we also found this handy guide to help you navigate Tesla's CPO offerings. But... what if you want a Tesla Model S at a really deep discount?

Well, we've found some (rather small) options for you. It turns out that Matchbox and Hot Wheels die-cast miniature toy car brands both are launching their own unique interpretations of the Tesla Model S design. We knew something was brewing when we discovered a revealing image on Instagram most recently. So, we decided to dig a bit deeper. And, it turns out that, yes -- both brands will have competing versions of the same car... a miniature Tesla Model S.  So, let's take a look.


In the tight-knit community that feverishly collects these, there remains a fierce rivalry between Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Most collectors sit firmly in one camp or the other. That said, we wondered: how do these two designs stack up? Well, according to photos/commentary from the Lamley Group*, the images above represent "Matchbox at its best. Well-proportioned, highly detailed, and stock." We agree, it's a fine scale model replica of the overall design of a Tesla Model S configured in multi-coat red with a panoramic roof. Some of the chrome details (including the door handles) look like they're "wrapped" in red and the wheel design is definitely different than the factory options. In fact, the wheels look far more like a concave version of the popular TS112 wheels than the factory 21" Turbine wheel design, but, other than that -- it looks like a conservative, yet finely-crafted "take" on the Tesla Model S.

In contrast, Hot Wheels, living up to its name, has taken a completely different (and more daring) design approach (see below). The Lamley Group describes it with, "flared wheel wells, a huge spoiler in the back, an aggressive stance, and some sporty PR5 wheels.  No, it isn't the stock Matchbox, but it shouldn't be." In our opinion, we're happy to see the sporty red Wheel Bands look popular amongst Model S owners. The panoramic roof looks fairly accurate but the aggressive, bigger spoiler is more similar to the recent Tesla Model S Saleen redesign. But, we're not exactly sure what to think about that silver sparkle paint...


In any event, I want both for my collection. The DIY sculpture (more of an artistic tribute to the Model S) is already out. And, I also already have the Tesla Roadster from Hot Wheels -- which has skyrocketed in value -- some Tesla Roadster offerings from Hot Wheels are fetching over $200. The final Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster design does indeed look quite sharp, check out the video below.


While we wait for the new products to launch, we'll just have to settle for the Tesla Roadster Hot Wheels, available in some different colors/designs across the web, or, just stare at our (very cool) Tesla Model S keyfob.


It's too bad we couldn't just retrofit some turbine wheels on it!


*Source: The Lamley Group



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