From Silicon Valley to Death Valley in a Tesla Model S

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Guest Post: Laurie Naiman, one of our EVannex VIP members, sent us these beautiful images of his Tesla Model S (and some additional background info) from his "maiden voyage" traveling from Silicon Valley to Death Valley back in January 2014, when he was 81 years old. And, he's actually made this trip two additional times with family since he first documented it.

These photos document my 540 mile drive from Palo Alto to Shoshone near Death Valley - including the locations of three free Tesla Supercharger sites along the road. Each charge took about 40 minutes - longer if all the slots were filled. Overall, charging added about 3 hours to the (normally) 10 hour trip (including about 30 miles of extra distance to one of the Supercharger sites). The Tesla Superchargers provided some good rest and snack time. No gas, no emissions, no cost.

From top to bottom: 1. By the road to Tecopa Hot Springs; 2. At the Furnace Creek Inn, Death Valley; 3. Facing the valley and the Panamint Mountain Range; 4. At Zabriskie Point; 5. At the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction, North of Shoshone; 6. Late afternoon at The Crowbar in Shoshone; 7. Near old garage on the outskirts of Shoshone; 8. Next to the Bistro in Tecopa Hot Springs; 8. Map showing sites of three Tesla Superchargers between Palo Alto and Shoshone


Photos: Laurie Naiman

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