New Tesla Model S Aftermarket Grilles

Posted on July 17, 2015 by Matt Pressman

The black plastic nose cone that comes standard on the Tesla Model S is not available with any optionality when configuring your vehicle. Many owners have requested some different aftermarket options for the front grille and we're proud to announce some new options now available with special limited-time introductory pricing.

There are two options now available...

First, there is the Nose Cone Grille (NCG) gives your Tesla Model S a unique and classic "mesh grille" style look. The NCG is a cover for your existing nose cone, it is not a replacement. The NCG is constructed out of high quality stainless steel and a triple chrome plated outer frame. There are two available options for the finish of the grille: full chrome or 2-tone (with gloss black center mesh and a chrome outer frame). You can purchase the upper grille individually or as a package with the lower grille for a complete set. Note: the grille does not come with a factory emblem. However, the "T" emblem from the factory nose cone can be installed onto the NCG. 

Next, we have the Nose Cone Grille - Version 2 (NCGv2) which allows a Tesla Model S owner to completely replace their factory nose cone giving the Model S an entirely new look. The NCGv2 is constructed out of ABS plastic and has a gloss black finish with chrome trim. Please note the NCGv2 does not come with a factory emblem or the factory chrome trim below the emblem. The factory "T" emblem and chrome trim found on the factory nose cone can be placed onto the NCGv2 by a professional installer. 

Both of these options allow Tesla Model S owners a distinctive new styling option that can help your Model S stand out from the crowd. We also have videos, installation details, and a gallery of photos for each of these, feel free to check them out for more...

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