Tesla CubbyCap: Conceal your valuables behind a closed door

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Matt Pressman

The Model S "cubby" is the small shelf that sits directly below the 17-inch display. The EVannex® CubbyCap provides a unique, fold-down door for your cubby. Our CubbyCap corresponds to your interior trim finish and provides a sleek, clean look that will keep your belongings hidden from view. Whether you use the cubby for your wallet, glasses, or other valuables, we believe these items should be concealed. And, the CubbyCap is available in real Carbon Fiber, Obeche Wood Gloss, Obeche Wood Matte, Piano Black, and Lacewood which all correspond with Model S interior trim finishes. 

You don't need a console to order the CubbyCap. But, the CubbyCap is also available to bundle with our #1  selling product, the Center Console Insert. If you are interested in purchasing a Center Console Insert (CCI) of your choice along with the CubbyCap please visit the CCI Page. As seen below, they complement one another....


From top to bottom: CubbyCap in Carbon Fiber and Obeche Wood Gloss trim finish with a matching Center Console Insert

The EVannex® CubbyCap uses the same real carbon fiber and wood veneers, along with the same high quality trim finishes that we use for our popular Center Console Insert, the CCI. These trim finishes have been well-regarded by owners and the media for their conformance to the interior trim finishes that are factory installed by Tesla Motors. CubbyCap has a small, ergonomically-designed brushed aluminum handle (for easy opening) that corresponds to the brushed aluminum finish trim that surrounds the 17-inch display. We have additional videos, installation details, and a gallery of photos for each of the trim finishes, feel free to check out the CubbyCap product page, just select the red button below...


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