60 Minutes Australia profiles Elon Musk, provides peek at future Tesla Car Clay Models

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Matt Pressman

We found this engaging profile of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk that just premiered on 60 Minutes Australia. It provides a new and fascinating look into Musk's businesses including Paypal, SpaceX, and (of course) Tesla Motors. What especially struck us was an unusual look behind-the-scenes at the "clay modeling" of new Tesla cars including an interview with two Aussies that work on clay models of (we assume) the Model X and Model 3. It was definitely fun to get a sneak peek under the car covers. Can you find any clues?


Source: 60 Minutes Australia

If you look at these still images from the 60 Minutes segment (see above) it appears that the top image shows the Model X clay model being unveiled (at least the rear bumper/tail light area). More suggestive is the bottom image, in which you can get a look in the upper right hand corner at the Lotus Espirit from James Bond movie "The Spy who Loved Me" that Musk bought last year and... maybe... just maybe, the Model 3 concealed under one of the other black car covers.

In any event, the 60 Minutes Australia profile reveals the impressive growth of Musk's businesses. Musk also comments on entrenched interests who used to assume Tesla and SpaceX wouldn't become successful but he remarks, "now they're treating us as a real threat." Things have certainly changed. Check out the full, uncut video below.


Source: 60 Minutes Australia

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