Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 12 / Elon Musk vs. Steve Jobs Infographic

Posted on August 03, 2015 by Matt Pressman

This week, for our Tesla Eye Candy installment, we have some more amazing images of the Tesla Model S in action. Whether it's New York City or Quebec City, the Tesla Model S always knows how to make a statement. And, a bonus this week: we have a yoga expert that shows us a fun way to stretch our legs at a Tesla Supercharger too!

From top to bottom: 1. The modern marvel displayed in Columbus Circle in New York City; 2. Looking out into the rain; 3. Model S about to face a storm; 4. Now this is a way to stretch your legs while recharging at a Tesla Supercharger; 5. TeslaTaxi in Quebec City sporting his new signature gold TST wheels

Instagram: @juliangan07; @g7skim; @farmazo; @andreasyogalife; @teslataxi

Continuing with our favorite infographics we've discovered across the web, this week we take a look at a comparison we've been seeing a lot of in the media... Elon Musk vs. Steve Jobs. This is especially apropos as more rumors are surfacing about Apple eyeing the electric car space for themselves. In any event, both icons have a remarkable track record with game-changing products and ideas. Let's see how these two stack up...

Source: Business Insider; Note: This infographic is dated... therefore, the TSLA and AAPL valuation has since changed and Elon Musk's relationship status with Talulah Riley continues to be "on again, off again" as reported in the media

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