Setting the fastest published Tesla Model S P85D record

Posted on September 11, 2015 by Matt Pressman

As reported by Mashable*, Brooks Weisblat, the owner of Drag Times, took his Tesla Model S P85D to Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) with one goal in mind; break some records. He did exactly that. Brooks arrived at PBIR with OEM Tesla wheels, but quickly swapped them out for the Pulse ADV.1 Wheels specifically designed for the Tesla Model S and it wasn't long before noticing a boost in performance. 

Photos: Luke Johnson, Mashable*

Source: Mashable*

After a few runs with the Tesla's OEM factory wheels and with the Pulse ADV.1 Wheels it was now time to compare the times.

Performance Data (PBIR, March 4, 2015):

Brooks Dragtimes Tesla OEM Wheels Pulse ADV.1 Wheels
0-60 MPH 3.53 sec 3.40 sec
0-100 MPH 8.87 sec 8.56 sec
30-60 MPH 2.04 sec 1.97 sec
1/4 Mile Time

11.73 seconds

@ 113.70 MPH

11.60 seconds

@ 115.78 MPH        

Note: Wheels tested were Pulse ADV.1 staggered wheels 21x9.0 front / 21x10.5 rear against Tesla OEM alloy wheels 21x9.0 front / 21x10.5 rear; Efficiency testing: 2% improvement on EV mileage when tested with Pulse ADV.1 wheel setup. Front wheel/tire combo is 0.5 pounds lighter than stock. Rear wheel/tire combo is 4 pounds lighter than stock.

About the Driver

Photo: Luke Johnson, Mashable*

Brooks Weisblat is the owner of Drag Times and he has the fastest published P85D in the country. He has made hundreds of passes on this exact track car and squeezed every last millisecond out of it. In one attempt, he passed his record on the first run… did it a second time… and then passed his record again. We can't wait to see what he does with the new Ludicrous mode.

We're proud to have Brooks Weisblat as a very special invited guest at our sponsored "National Drive Electric Week" event tomorrow. And, we're honored to be carrying Pulse ADV.1 wheels on our website, the product launches today, click the button below to check it out...


*Source: Photos (Luke Johnson), video, and additional reporting from Mashable; Track times courtesy of Speed Design GmBh

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