National Drive Electric Week / Tesla Meet-Up, Part 1

Posted on September 16, 2015 by Matt Pressman

This Saturday, I was honored to host a National Drive Electric Week event as "City Captain" here in South Florida. This marquis event took place in Ft. Lauderdale at the very cool LauderAle venue. We had 219 guests and 49 plug-in electric vehicles (having driven a total of 818,076 electric miles). Tesla Model S owners came out in full force (see image below) as many are long-time customers of EVANNEX and loyal members of the fantastic Florida Tesla Enthusiasts Club.  

EVANNEX photos below, from top to bottom: 1. EVANNEX staff standing by an amazing one-off 1/5 scale "Driving the Future" sculpture made special for the event; 2. Our Center Console Insert (CCI) products on display at our booth with informational hand-outs from STRUT CollectionPulse ADV-1, Electric Car Insider magazines and more; 3. Yes... at last, these prototype seat covers are almost ready for product launch shown inside our Model S with an installed black carbon fiber CCI; 4. Our Model S with TS117 wheels and Wheel Bands rim protection installed; 5. Another product coming soon (in testing) that illuminates the rear "T" logo -- while inside the vehicle, Tesla owners demo the amazing, ultra-premium Reus audio system

FPL photos below, from top to bottom: 1. Florida Power & Light (FPL) brought their Chevy Volts to the event; 2. Todd from FPL hands out info on driving electric; 3. FPL featured an amazing steel drum band at the event

Signature Custom Wraps photos below, from top to bottom: 1. Cliff from Reus Audio looks on as Mojo from Signature Custom Wraps pulls up in a stunning all-chrome wrapped Tesla; 2. Beautiful blue vinyl wrap; 3. A look at the high-quality work executed by Signature Custom Wraps; 4. "Owning Model S" author and "News from the Frunk" host, Nick Howe, was there with his white Model S with body kit mods installed by Signature Custom Wraps

Pulse ADV.1 photos, from top to bottom: 1. Brooks Weisblat, owner of Drag Times, shows off his Tesla P85D which holds the fastest published Tesla track times; 2. Pulse ADV.1 wheels compared with factory in the distance; 3. A close up of the gorgeous Pulse ADV.1 wheels

Doc Bornee photos, from top to bottom: 1. One of Signature Custom Wraps Model S owners (Steve) charging his Tesla at the Doc Bornee booth; 2. Doc Bornee showing off their parking meter style charging stations next to Lauder Ale; 3. Martin from Doc Bornee explaining their many charging station products

As you can see, there were some amazing highlights to recap during this past weekend's event. Today's blog post (Part 1), is just our photo gallery. In Part 2, we'll also show you some amazing video footage (and on-site interviews) as well. Thanks to all our guests, staff, volunteers, and sponsors who took part in this milestone event! Please be sure to check out more local National Drive Electric Week events coming this (Sept. 19th-20th) weekend.


For more information, visit these links below:

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