Tesla Eye Candy 18 / SpaceX Similarities

Posted on September 19, 2015 by Matt Pressman

This week, Tesla Eye Candy showcases the Tesla Model S from Frankfurt to Los Angeles. We catch a look at the Tesla in blue... even for the officers in blue. And, for this week's video showcase, we examine Tesla CEO Elon Musk as things relate to his other company, SpaceX. Are there similarities between SpaceX and Tesla? We take a look...

From top to bottom: 1. Tesla has a gorgeous booth at the IAA (Internacionale Automobil-Ausstellung) auto show in Frankfurt Germany this week; 2. The Tesla Supercharger design looks so sleek at night; 3. The city of Los Angeles announces a historic transition to electric vehicles including this LAPD P85D, wow!; 4. A bright red Model S shot at Pont Alexandre III in Paris; 5. A matte blue wrapped Tesla racing down the road.

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Yes, the Tesla Model S has been referred to as a rocket ship. But, did you know that Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, is also the CEO of rocket company SpaceX too? We’ve argued before that every Tesla owner should learn more about SpaceX to better understand the engineering prowess Musk brings into his transformative companies. But, that’s not all. There are even design similarities between Tesla and SpaceX — case in point, step inside Crew Dragon, the next-generation SpaceX spacecraft designed to carry humans to the International Space Station. These two stunning videos below show similarities between the design aesthetic at both Tesla and Space X… we always knew the Model S had some of Musk’s rocket “DNA” in it, and, these videos prove it...

Youtube: SpaceX

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