Can an app "improve" Tesla Supercharger wait times?

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Guest Post: Sanjana Shah*, Brand Specialist and UI/UX Designer. Editor's note: I came across this concept and contacted Sanjana to write a guest post. It struck me that her concept may prove quite useful as the Model X and Model 3 will make our Tesla Supercharger stations increasingly busy in the not-so-distant future.

The Tesla Model S has been knocking people’s socks off since its launch. With its spectacular design coupled with top-notch performance, its proposition of driving electric just blew me away! I fell in love. The delight that I first experienced with the Model S still hasn’t left me. I’m in awe of Tesla Motors and their unwavering mission to advance sustainable transport for the future of humanity. It’s not simply a tall claim, it's a reality. In my field, as user experience designers, we strive to make the world a better place through improving the utility, approachability, and gratification in the interplay between user and product. With Tesla, they’ve already pushed the automotive industry forward with their huge, user-friendly iPad-like “command center” and continuous software updates.


Therefore, for me to come up with an idea to better the user experience for the game-changing Tesla Model S was a massive challenge. But I’m a problem-solver by profession (and by choice). So I did some research, analysis, surveys and interviews. In the process, I found the vast majority of Tesla owners highly satisfied citing positive personal stories regarding their overall experience with the car. I witnessed a strong sense of brand loyalty for this breakthrough car company. But, I happened upon one (small) chink in the armor. It seems that Tesla owners could use something “extra” while waiting at Supercharger stations. This led me to the concept for Tesla Ease. It’s an app concept that would ensure a concierge-like experience for the Tesla Model S owner through his or her travels.

Tesla Ease App Concept from Sanjana Shah on Vimeo.

In one of my interviews with a Tesla owner, he voiced a legitimate concern, “It’s one thing to pull up to a Supercharger, fill up for 30-60 minutes, and off you go. It’s quite another if there are already people ahead of you in line. Suddenly your 30-60 minute stop could be much longer. And yet, you have no option at that point but sit and wait. And wait. How would one ensure that you won’t end up sitting and waiting long times at a charging station?” So, my solution is an an app concept to empower the Tesla Model S owner to book an appointment in advance for charging in a vacant slot, while also providing leisure options to keep them actively engaged during wait times. The end result when using Tesla Ease would be (hopefully) the elimination of dreary wait times. This could make road trips more pleasant, fun, and entertaining for Tesla owners. 

Would you like this to be a reality? I’d love to know your thoughts…

*You can check out my portfolio and the Tesla Ease app concept preview by clicking the red button below...  

Tesla Ease

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