Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk discusses Volkswagen Scandal

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Tesla Motors CEO is currently in Belgium during his ongoing trip this week throughout Europe. The Tesla World conference is also happening today in Antwerp and Musk is scheduled for meetings with government officials in Belgium.

VW vs. Tesla 

Elon Musk also made a statement (see below) to the local press in Belgium regarding the ongoing Volkswagen scandal involving VW's controversial diesel vehicle emissions tests. 


Source: Deredacte BE

The Tesla Motors CEO discusses the Volkswagen scandal at 1.11 in the video: "What Volkswagen is really showing is that we've reached the limit of what's possible with diesel and gasoline. And so the time has come to move to a new generation of technology." 

Belgium is a strong country for Tesla Motors. According to Electrek, "Tesla has found a great market for the Model S in Belgium. Tesla’s flagship all-electric sedan is the top-selling electric vehicle in the country, not only beating all other BEVs, but also all plug-in hybrids. Based on registration data, sales are still growing and have increased by 70% year over year [see table 1 below]. From January to August 2014, the California-based automaker delivered 333 Model S’s in Belgium, and during the same period this year, it delivered 569 cars. We are not dealing with very big numbers here, but Belgium is not a very big country. Although per capita, it is a great market for Tesla. For comparison, Belgium has a population of ~11 million and bought 569 Model S’s this year, while its neighbor, France, a country of ~66 million, bought only 428 Model S’s during the same period. Both countries have various EV incentives. [In addition] here’s a look at the 2014 sales of top EVs in Belgium [see table 2 below]."


Source: Electrek

To watch the Tesla World action unfold today in Belgium, visit their website, and/or, you can also check out the live Tesla World video feed today direct from the Hilton in Antwerp Belgium on Teslarati.

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