Tesla Model S: The Acquisition Decision - EVU Course MS 103

Posted on October 02, 2015 by Adrianne Cameron

EVU (Electric Vehicle University or EVANNEX University) is a free, open ‘university’ that presents concise, video based mini-courses for those who have interest in electric vehicles (EVs) in general and/or the Tesla Model S (and other EVs in the future). We will be providing updated courses here on our blog. If you're interested in future EVU courses, please contact us to receive alerts regarding new courses and receive your free EVU study guide. For a list of all EVU courses we have released thus far visit this page. Okay... scroll down and let's learn about "Tesla Model S: The Acquisition Decision" in EVU course MS 103.

The Central Question
What general issues and questions will I encounter as I work toward a decision to acquire a Model S and what should I know as these issues and questions arise?

Course Abstract
A general discussion of the acquisition decision for those that are considering purchase or lease of the Model S but have not yet pulled the trigger. A set of qualitative issues and questions is considered. The discussion is designed to help make the acquisition decision easier for you.

Course level: Introductory

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