News from the Frunk 48-51: Software v7, Factory, Supercharger and Battery News + Toy Tesla Cars

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Matt Pressman

We're excited to see some fantastic new episodes of News from the Frunk from author Nick Howe who just penned the second edition of his super-popular book Owning Model S. In these episodes, Nick brings us the latest on toy Teslas, software update version 7.0, the Tesla Model 3, the retail battle, factory, supercharger, and battery news. Check out these must-see episodes below.

Source: Tesla Motors

Episode 51: Toy Teslas + Build your own Tesla

If you're interested in the Tesla Model S toy car seen in the video, you can check these out by clicking the button below:

Tesla Toy Cars

Links from this episode:

Episode 50: Factory, Supercharger, and Battery News

Links from this episode:

Episode 49: Model 3 + Retail Battle

Links from this episode:

Mobile Stores:
Model 3:

Episode 48: Software Update v7

For more on software update version 7.0, check out our next post.

If you find Nick's News from the Frunk videos or his Owning Model S book useful or entertaining, please feel free to use Nick's referral code when you order a Model S and get $1000 off the price if you order before Oct 31:

In addition, you can find more Tesla updates/info on Nick's wiki page and in his book, Owning Model S (2nd Edition).

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