Roundtable: Model S experts talk Tesla

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Recently, I had a chance to sit down during National Drive Electric Week with two Model S experts, Brooks Weisblat and Nick Howe, to talk Tesla. Brooks Weisblat, founder of, has so many popular Tesla videos on youtube that he's racked up millions of views and he also happens to hold the record for fastest published Tesla P85D. And... Nick Howe who is author of Owning Model S (which just got released in its second edition) and the host of the popular Tesla-related video show News from the Frunk.

From left to right: Nick Howe, Brooks Weisblat, Matt Pressman

Brooks talks about drag racing the Tesla Model S P85D against supercars, how the P85D broke the dyno (dynometer), and why the Model S is so impressive (and controversial) in the drag racing community. He also discusses the Pulse ADV-1 wheels he installed on his P85D that actually improved the speed of the Tesla Model S. Then, Nick discusses the Tesla Motors popularity in both the owner community and within investment circles. He tries to explain why TSLA (and the ever-moving Tesla stock price) remains a lightening rod for opposing views among both analysts and investors alike — is it an auto company, a tech company, or a battery company? Watch the video to find out...

I definitely look forward to sitting down with these two experts again soon to get their "inside" take on all of the latest Tesla news.

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