New Product: Lighted T for your Tesla Model S

Posted on October 21, 2015 by Matt Pressman

Check out this aftermarket Tesla Model S accessory, the Lighted T -- a subtle yet unique way for any Model S owner to add a bit of extra flair at the front or rear of the vehicle. This lighting modification, custom designed exclusively for the Tesla Model S, provides a lighted halo effect around the Tesla T logo area.

In the rear, the halo is tied to brake lighting, causing it to illuminate more intensely when the brakes lights illuminate. In the front, the lighting can be switched on or off, providing a series of special effects at your whim.

The front and back Lighted T accessories are sold separately, or, you can purchase both together. The Lighted T definitely adds a unique accent to the front and/or the back of your model S, but does it in a tasteful and understated manner. To learn more about the Lighted T products, click the button below...

Lighted T

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