How to protect your Tesla Model S from curb rash

Posted on November 12, 2015 by Matt Pressman

The best trick for protecting your Tesla Model S wheels is to always be vigilant. Take your time when parking. But in today's fast-paced world -- that's not always enough. You might be rushing when you parallel park, or pull onto tracks at your local car wash, or at the restaurant drive-through, or at a the dedicated drive-up bank ATM lane. Or, more commonly, it might just be an issue of everyday tight spaces in parking lots when you rush to get that last spot -- ouch... you hear that scraping sound from a curb and you know there is bound to be trouble. You open your Tesla Model S door, look down, and there it is... ugly scratched up "curb rash" on your otherwise beautiful Model S wheel.

tesla model s curb rash wheel bands

Scuffing or scraping your rims may lower your Tesla resale value, look unsightly, or worse -- cost you unnecessary time and money (sometimes hundreds of dollars). The Model S is a fairly wide vehicle which can makes it (often) tight-to-park.  In addition, its rims are almost flush with the tire which exposes them to the many dangers lurking down low when parking. Common cases of "curb rash" were a pretty significant concern early-on for Tesla owners so when we launched EVANNEX we evaluated a few well-reviewed products in order to help you better protect your beautiful Model S wheels.

We found the best solution was Wheel Bands. This best-selling product is like having a 5-mph bumper for your wheels. It's track and insert are offered in multiple color options so you can design a sporty performance look or a more camouflage-style all black application that blends into the wheel itself. Check out this Model S owner showcasing his Wheel Bands and with the sporty black track/red insert combo...

Wheel Bands for Tesla Model S

As seen above, this Model S owner chose a black track and red insert in a pinstripe-style configuration to accentuate the wheel assembly; many owners also couple this look with red Caliper Covers to add a performance-racing aesthetic to the exterior of the vehicle. Wheel Bands are designed with a straightforward installation process (often simply executed by your local automotive aftermarket tint and wrap shops) or by DIY'ers due to the step-by-step instructions provided. Check out this Wheel Bands installation published to youtube this week by a Tesla owner with his ultra-rare Tesla Aero wheels...

Source: KmanAuto

The verdict: with a simple prescription of deliberate, careful parking and being armed with the proper wheel protection, you'll be far less likely to come down with a bad case of "curb rash" -- whew... that's just what the doctor ordered. Check out our Wheel Bands page for more information...

Wheel Bands

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