Our First Blog Post!

Posted on March 11, 2013 by Roger Pressman

Today, we open our CCI store - a major milestone!  In time, the CCI store will become our main portal for the CCI and future products, but for now, our modest (public) web site will remain up-and-running.

For the next few months and possibly longer,  the CCI store will be accessible by invitation only for those who have joined our CCI Waiting List. Waiting List members will be invited into the store in the order in which they joined the CCI Waiting List, beginning with the first 100 Signature waiting list members and then proceeding to groups of production waiting list members. We do this to manage our production ramp-up and ensure that every CCI meets its owner’s expectations.

The CCI Waiting List continues to grow, and if you’re just learning about the CCI and have interest in it, we encourage you to join the list at EVannex.com.

A few weeks ago, I smiled when an OB/Gyn doc (and Model S owner) posted the comment that the CCI was conceived and brought to term in less time that it takes to make a baby. During those nine months, there’s been a lot of hard work and more than a few challenges, but in the end, it’s been a really fun journey.

Our objective was to provide an easily accessible driver’s cup holder, a closed storage space, and a phone holder. We did accomplish those things. But that was not our goal.

Our goal, from the beginning, was to provide those things in a design package that truly fits the Model S.

Our goal was to provide a product that could be installed easily by a Model S owner without any physical modification that might alter the Model S.

Our goal was to blend seamlessly with the Model S design, to complement interior trim and upholstery in all variations and add to the visual appeal of the Model S interior.

To achieve all of that, we had to solve a lot of problems and make hundreds of design and implementation decisions. It wasn’t easy, but no one ever said it would be. I have no idea how many hundreds of hours we spent on concept development, design, planning, prototyping, iteration, testing, fabrication, vendor selection, materials selection, supply chain management, web site design, quality assurance, order processing design, … but it was a lot.

Throughout all of this, we were inspired and humbled by the intelligence, elegance, and craftsmanship that the design and engineering teams at Tesla achieved with the Model S. We can’t possibly hope to match their skill, but after this journey, we truly appreciate (possibly more than most) the work that went into their creation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our journey as much as we have and look forward to seeing you in the CCI Store.


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