This Holiday Season... Treat Yo Tesla!

Posted on November 27, 2015 by Mike Pressman

If you're like me, your Tesla Model S has become very much like a reliable friend or even a family member (who you actually like). And at this time of year, it's not unusual to buy one or more presents for your friends and family. Why not your Tesla Model S?

So we created a special Holiday Gift Guide to help you shop. And... taking the slogan from the famous meme by NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation," we thought it would be cool to "Treat Yo Tesla." 

At EVANNEX, we offer a wide variety of potential holiday gifts for your Tesla Model S. It could be a small stocking stuffer like our Glasses Clip, the book Owning Model S, a set of Coat Hooks, miniature Toy Tesla Cars, or even an T-shirt to show your Tesla pride. Or you might decide to improve the functionality of your Tesla with a moderately priced accessory, like our charging Adapter Storage System, our Trunk Lighting Package, or our Rear USB Ports.

And if your Tesla Model S has been really, really good this year, you might consider a gift like our best-selling Center Console Insert, luxurious Floor Mats custom designed for the Model S, our exclusive Seat Covers, BOOST Sound System, or any of a wide variety of Aftermarket Wheels.

We also have some special holiday deals as well. If you're interested in one of our most popular nose cone modifications, the NCGv2, please check out the special NCGv2 deal we currently have running for the holidays. And, if you're interested in a complete Tesla Model S body kit, check out the amazing deal we have running over the holidays for the STRUT Collection.

I can guarantee that if you “Treat Yo Tesla” your Model S will treat you right all year long... Happy Holidays! And, for those who are still recovering from a turkey "hangover" - check out this fun Tesla Thanksgiving video...

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