Tesla Eye Candy 33 / Tesla College Commercial

Posted on December 10, 2015 by Matt Pressman

For this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, one of our Arizona-based customers (over at ASU), submitted these first two photos below, he explains: "Our center director here at ASU is a nuclear proponent, and I gave him the idea about getting a Tesla. However, I am pro-solar, so we have a slight difference of opinion but use the same tool to accomplish our goals." They definitely let their license plates do the talking! We also feature some gorgeous Tesla Instagram photos including another fun European license plate... see if you can spot it below.

Source: Phillip S. at ASU

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For the featured video this week, some students at Fullerton Junior College did a class project on Tesla Motors and produced a video showcasing the Model S and the Tesla store experience. Great music, visuals, and enthusiasm for the brand from these talented, budding (hopefully) soon-to-be Tesla owners! As Tesla Motors doesn't pay for any traditional advertising, this is yet another example of how the brand is able to get so much free exposure from the huge following it's built among fans and owners alike. In any event, we thought you might enjoy it...

Source: Skyscape Entertainment

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