Hands-on the Tesla Model X; News From the Frunk 55

Posted on January 02, 2016 by Matt Pressman

Yes... we're excited that we've got back-to-back episodes of News from the Frunk to start off 2016 right! Check out this special hands-on the Tesla Model X episode from Owning Model S author Nick Howe.

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Juan Osorno just took delivery of his Tesla Model X Signature #80 (the day before this episode was filmed!), and, he let “News from the Frunk” host Nick Howe drive it. Here’s Nick's interview with Juan in Miami, along with a few thoughts/observations he had on the car. Juan, the first to get a Tesla Model X in South Florida, also gives his feedback on his brand new Model X. 

Source: News from the Frunk

Juan is a big supporter of Tesla Motors. It turns out he actually bought the Model X for his wife as he’s already the current owner of a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S P90D with “ludicrous” mode. Prior to that, Juan was an early signature owner of a Tesla Model S 85.

As noted in the video, Nick will soon be looking into getting his own Tesla Model X. However, he currently (as of now) still owns a Tesla Model S. So, if you're thinking of buying a Tesla Model S, or already have one and want to know a little more about the car, Nick's book “Owning Model S” is available here and a free chapter is also available, simply contact us.
Nick’s links:
Wiki: http://teslamotors.wiki
Nick's book: Owning Model S

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