Center Console Insert for Tesla Model S now available for Right Hand Drive countries

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Matt Pressman

We're now closing in on almost 3,000 orders for our flagship product, the Center Console Insert, custom-designed for the Tesla Model S. We ship our Center Console Insert (CCI) worldwide and have happy customers all over the world. However, we've never been able to test the CCI in a right hand drive (RHD) vehicle... that is, until now. Although we've received many requests from Tesla owners in England, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, we haven't shipped any CCIs to those countries because we couldn't definitively confirm proper fitment.

Source: Gareth Kirwin

Interestingly and somewhat counter-intuitively, the "center channel" floor area between the driver and passenger in the front of the cabin remains identical for both right hand drive and left hand drive vehicles. It is true that the dash, 17-inch center display, and steering column are all "flip-flopped," but with the help of a RHD Model S owner in the U.K., we can now confirm that the center channel area in which our CCI is friction fit (on the floor) remains the same for both left hand drive and right hand drive versions of the vehicle. That means that the CCI fits RHD versions of the Model S! We've included a first-hand review of the CCI from a Tesla owner in England posted on the forums, see below. Note: he's also provided photos above. These have been republished with Gareth's permission.

"Good news: We can buy the EVANNEX centre console for RHD Model S... The quality is excellent throughout, and I'm very happy indeed. The cubby hole has plenty of space, the cup holder is actually functional, and the phone holder has a through-hole for a USB cable... Fitting it is trivial and just takes a few seconds. It fit very well, and is quickly removable." - Gareth Kirwan, Peterborough, Great Britain

At long last, we're pleased to announce that the CCI is now available for right-hand drive versions of the Model S. It's fantastic to confirm that the CCI is universal product -- compatible with all Tesla Model S vehicles worldwide! If you'd like to learn more please click the red button below...

Center Console Insert

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