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Posted on August 24, 2013 by Matt Pressman

It’s been a very busy couple of months since the Teslive event but we wanted to give all of you an update on what’s happening at evannex.com and some things for you to look forward to seeing in the future.


Sales of our CCI for the Tesla Model S continue to go very well. We’ve now received orders from 40 states including AK and HI and from four European countries (even though the Tesla Model S has been only recently available in the Europe). We continue to be amazed and pleased by the response to our flagship product, the Center Console Insert for the Tesla Model S. If you haven’t yet ordered one of EVannex.com's CCI and now believe it might serve your needs, visit us at: evannex.com

As we refine our process, we’ve been able to reduce CCI delivery times across the board, and in some cases we’re able to ship within a day or two or receipt of an order. But like all things that are custom built, we continue to maintain our standard delivery policy, even as we ship much more rapidly in a majority of cases.

We get a continuing stream of questions and comments about “new” products in our pipeline. I’ll give you an update on the status of a new CCI variant and on our new products (not yet available, but coming).

The Basic CCI

As some of you already know, we’ve developed another center console insert  variant that is designed for those Tesla Model S owners who want an elegant center console that matches the design intent and curves of the Tesla Model S, but who don’t need or want upholstery color matching, a coordinated veneer deck, or a phone caddie.

Called the Basic CCI, this variant of the CCI for the Tesla Model S is priced quite competitively. We soft-launched the Basic CCI at TESLIVE and have already received many orders for the unit. It is available now and can be ordered at evannex.com. For more information on our expanded family of CCIs, check out our CCI comparison.

New Products

Progress on our array of new products has been slower than I’d like (being a generally impatient person), but we’re a very small company, so resources are limited. Prototypes for all exist, but in my view they’re not for prime-time just yet. Nonetheless, we are making progress. Here’s an update:

Second Cup Holder Insert. We’ve had a number of requests for a second, front seat cup holder that integrates with the CCI for the Tesla Model S. We’ve come up with a potential solution that allows a CCI owner to insert a second cup holder into the closed storage space of the center console insert. For those owners who absolutely, positively must have two conveniently located cup holders (at the expense of some closed storage space), this upgrade (available in the Fall) will provide you with enhanced beverage holding capability.

Back of Seat Storage. We’re still testing and tweaking the design of our back-of-the-seat storage product for the Tesla Model S. A few design, aesthetic, and fastening issues remain to be resolved, but we’re making progress and hope to release this product late in the year.

Rear cup holders. Along with a very talented partner, we hope to offer a unique rear cup holder arrangement that provides two very conveniently located rear cup holders and still allows full use of the three rear seats. This unit will require a relatively straightforward DIY install, but can also be purchased and then installed by your local custom shop, if you’re not the DIY type. We hope to have this product available by year’s end.

Tesla Model S Nose Cone Enhancements. We’re also working on custom nose cone enhancements for the Tesla Model S. Work is proceeding slowly, but we’re making progress toward one or two prototypes that we’ll share with you when they’re ready.

An Artistic Model of the Model S. At evannex.com we use relatively high tech laser cutting equipment to fabricate the center console insert for the Telsa Model S and some of our other forthcoming products. But our laser cutter can also be used to create some pretty cool 3D art/sculptures. In our spare time (hah!), we’ve been experimenting with the creation of a 3-D artistic model inspired by the Tesla Model S. It’s something you might place on your desk, on a display shelf, or anywhere else you desire. The intent is to provide a "sculpture" that captures the essence of the Model S in a visually pleasing way. We’ve begun work on this and hope to have it available for the Holiday season.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on all of these forthcoming product offerings in the coming months.

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