Guinness World Record set by Model X as Tesla tows an airplane [Video]

Posted on May 17, 2018 by Matt Pressman

On the race track, speed demons are always surprised by the lightning-fast Tesla Model X. Who'd imagine that Tesla's SUV would smoke Alfa Romeo's 4C Spyder while towing another 4C Spyder during a drag race? Well, it can. Now, it turns out, there's something else that'll surprise you about the Model X — its incredible power.

Above: Yes, a Model X can handle this Qantas airplane (Image: Qantas)

According to Fast Company, "Tesla just entered the Guinness World Record book. The electric automaker teamed up with Qantas for a publicity stunt in which a Tesla Model X P100D pulled a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner nearly 1,000 feet down the tarmac at the Melbourne Airport in Australia."

So what, precisely, was the record set? It's reported that, "The electric SUV drove into the history books for setting the very specific record of 'heaviest tow by an electric production passenger vehicle.'"

Above: Here's how the Tesla Model X stacks up against a Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner (Source: Qantas)

There are some caveats though, "the Dreamliner didn’t have any passengers or cargo on board, and it only had a small amount of fuel, [nevertheless] it’s an incredibly impressive feat for the Tesla vehicle, which can typically tow about 5,500 pounds, according to a press release" from Qantas.

And it's all for a good cause as "the event not only proved Tesla’s towing power, but it also kickstarted Qantas’s new sustainability campaign, showing how innovation can increase sustainability in the transportation industry."

Above: Watch a Tesla Model X set a new Guiness World Record (Youtube: Qantas)

How? For starters, "Tesla owners who are also [Qantas] Frequent Flyer members will have their mileage offset both in their vehicles and in the air for the month of June with the Qantas Future Planet Program." And there's more. For Tesla drivers in Australia, Qantas will now provide Tesla's fast-charging "High Power Wall Connectors at Qantas Valet facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide."

Kudos to Qantas for their new sustainability campaign. And hat's off to Tesla who continues to come up big down under. Chalk this one up — yet another miraculous milestone achieved by Tesla in Australia.


Source: Fast Company / Qantas

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