How to enjoy some 'creature comforts' in your Tesla

Posted on February 02, 2017 by Matt Pressman

Over the years, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] has added many luxury appointments to its vehicles. Clearly the tech is unparalleled. But what about those little things that make a car's interior feel special? Serious Tesla fans know that Tesla's seats have evolved from "standard" to "next gen" to the new Model X seat design adding more comfort and support for long drives. An improvement for sure. However, in any luxury vehicle, at least a few more "creature comforts" are always appreciated. Many Tesla owners love the driving experience so much that they (more or less) "live" in their cars — taking lengthy road trips, driving for work, play, and pleasure as much as possible. 


Above: Taking a look at Tesla's interior (Image: Okia)

Even though Tesla has added bolsters and padding to its seats over the years, you might still be a bit uncomfortable in them. How so? Let's say you're coming from a workout at the gym, tennis, or some other sport and you're sweating through your shirt. Having that uncomfortable feeling of sticking to the seat isn't fun. So, we've developed the Seat Hoodie so you can have another layer of protection (and comfort) in those situations, or, if you're a bit wet coming in from the pool or beach. But, what about your feet? We've got that covered too. Because Tesla's factory floor mats are rather thin, we offer 1/2" thick, deep pile Luxe floor mats which are so soft, you'll want to drive barefoot.


Above: The ultra-plush, premium Luxe floor mats designed for Tesla owners

Okay, now that you've added creature comforts for your back and feet, what about your hands? If you've spilled coffee on your fingers holding your cup while cornering too fast in your Tesla, using the touchscreen can create sticky, unsightly smudges. So, we've developed beautifully crafted  touchscreen-compatible driving gloves. And what about your ears? If you're looking for more resonant, deeper, and richer bass while enjoying your favorite music, we recommend you check our sound system upgrade — specifically designed for the Tesla Model S. 


Above: Touchscreen driving gloves for Tesla owners

What about creature comforts for your back seat passengers? It turns out that when Tesla entered the market in China, they tried to create "executive seating" for back seat Model S passengers. However, they discontinued that option after a short trial period. Many owners throughout the world wanted that "executive" experience in the back seats, so we created a Rear Console in order to accommodate extra storage, cupholders, and a padded armrest. We also designed handy Kangaroo Pockets on the backs of the front seats to store your odds and ends.


Above: Our rear console gives your rear seat passengers that "executive seating" experience

And if you want a really fun way to enjoy your time waiting at Tesla Superchargers, check out our Electric Bike, which was designed to fold up and fit neatly into your Tesla trunk. While your car is charging, get out, take a ride on your fully electric bike, and see the sights around the Supercharger. While you wait for your Tesla to charge, you can either peddle for a quick workout, or, just leisurely cruise along with the bike's electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries — just like your Tesla. In any event, we hope a few of these creature comforts will help make an already-perfect-car become just a bit more enjoyable for you.

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