Tesla Launches Demo Drives for the Upgraded Model 3 "Highland" in North America

Tesla Launches Demo Drives for the Upgraded Model 3 "Highland" in North America

Tesla has recently started offering limited demo drives of its redesigned Model 3, dubbed "Highland," following its official launch earlier this month in North America. This opportunity has sparked interest among electric vehicle enthusiasts eager to experience the refreshed 2024 Model 3 firsthand.



Available through Tesla's demo drive web page, these test drives are currently limited to select locations across California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. However, Tesla enthusiasts in other states like Utah and Colorado have encountered messages indicating the unavailability of the Model 3 demo drives near their locations, with Tesla promising to follow up with interested individuals.


The rollout of these demo drives appears to be in its early stages, with deliveries of the new Model 3 expected in the coming months. This suggests that wider availability for test drives could be on the horizon, extending the opportunity to more prospective buyers across the country.


Ryan Levenson from The Kilowatts, in a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), provided one of the first insights into the driving experience of the upgraded Model 3. Conducting his test drive in Burlingame, California, Levenson highlighted several key improvements in the 2024 model. Among these were enhanced sound dampening features leading to a quieter cabin, a softer suspension for a smoother ride, and refined steering that promises precise control. Levenson also noted the thinner bezel of the touchscreen and the reintroduction of the physical horn button, alongside a steering wheel design that leans more towards a performance-oriented aesthetic.


An intriguing observation made by Levenson was the absence of a camera above the rearview mirror, a staple in previous Tesla models, replaced by a mere hole in the earliest production units seen in North America. This peculiar detail has led to speculation about its significance, though no official explanation has been provided by Tesla.



Tesla's initiative to offer demo drives for the Highland Model 3 signifies a confident step in showcasing the latest advancements in their electric vehicle lineup. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of EV technology and design, these test drives offer a tangible way for consumers to experience the brand's innovations up close. For those interested in catching a glimpse of what the new Model 3 has to offer, the full 11-minute Kilowatts video provides an in-depth look at the vehicle's refreshed features and driving dynamics.



Source: Teslarati