Tesla owners create their own haunted halloween Model S [Gallery and Video]

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Matt Pressman

Happy Halloween! Okay... for this Halloween, we'd like to bring you a spooky gallery of Tesla owners who've been showing off haunted versions of their Model S for the holiday. And although the Tesla Model S had a recent 2016 "facelift" — it turns out the older nose cone grille actually lends itself nicely to some fun Halloween trickery. One example: this Tesla owner (see below) added some evil fangs on his nose cone for a recent "Cars and Coffee" event...

Instagram: nzcutr

How else did Tesla owners dress up their Tesla Model S for halloween? Take a look at our gallery. Yes, some used the nose cone, but, if you're a newer 2016 facelift owner don't fret — you can still park your Model S in your driveway in "ghost mode" to scare trick-or-treaters when approaching, or, just open your frunk and add some pumpkins, jaws or ghoulish decorations. Or, if you're a soon-to-be Tesla owner (or Tesla fan), you can get creative carving some pumpkins. To that end, check out this must-see video carving of a haunted Tesla Model S into a creepy pumpkin — very, very cool — scroll down below and check it all out...


Instagram: first image, notankztesla, second image, kalhomoud, third image tesla_model_customs; other images, teslamotors_uae



Above: Internet Dude

So hopefully a few of these images will give you some fun ideas for this Halloween. And don't worry... if you're too lazy to carve pumpkins or dress up your Tesla Model S in a crazy new outfit, no problem — you can always take your Model S out for a leisurely drive and just look for a Dodge Hellcat. That's right, just pull up next to any Dodge Hellcat at a stop light. Put your Model S into "Ludicrous" mode, get ready to race, look over, and when he sees your Tesla, you'll surely scare the bejesus out of him!

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