Tesla Owners: Win EV Trophy, Europe's newest electric vehicle rally [Video]

Posted on March 14, 2017 by Matt Pressman

Registration was just announced for EV Trophy*, Europe's newest electric vehicle rally. Celebrating Europe's green future, EV Trophy kicks off in Copenhagen and finishes in Monte Carlo (from May 24th - June 1st). It's been organized by Electric Marathon International (Ukraine) in partnership with European Green Cities Network under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of the Monaco Foundation. Rally participants will cover approximately 2,500 km across seven countries. The purpose of EV Trophy is to advocate for reducing CO2 emissions while promoting eco-friendly mobility and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Above: Electric vehicles lining up for a rally across Europe (Source: EV Trophy*)

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles are invited to participate in either the entire rally or a single stage of the route. The rally is scheduled to go through the following countries: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Monaco. And, the current schedule of EV Trophy is... May 24: Copenhagen – Aarhus; May 25: Aarhus– Hamburg; May 26: Hamburg – Nijmegen; May 27: Nijmegen – Essen; May 28: Essen – Freiburg; May 29: Freiburg – Bellinzona; May 30: Bellinzona – Cuneo; May 31: Cuneo – Monaco; June 1: award ceremony in Monaco.


Above: Information on a new European electric vehicle rally (Source: EV Trophy*)

Andriy Bilyy, CEO of Electric Marathon International and organizer of EV Trophy explains: "The global mission of reducing CO2 emissions throws down a gage to the world community. That is why the question of switching to smarter and efficient transport has become a higher priority for all of humanity today." Being a successor of the Electric Marathon rally, EV Trophy will encompass a new format including special challenges, quests, and contests. Check out the photo gallery below showcasing electric vehicles from last year's Electric Marathon rally. Tesla owners were definitely well-represented throughout the competition...


If you're interested in registering for EV Trophy or learning more about it — visit EV Trophy.


*Source: EV Trophy

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